All-Out Fun Indoors at Little Whispers - Little Whispers

All-Out Fun Indoors at Little Whispers

All-Out Fun Indoors at Little Whispers :)

To show our support in the efforts to keep everyone safe by staying indoors, we at Little Whispers have arranged a list of educational toys and activities that everyone can enjoy at home!

Crafting Kits

The Janod String Art Animals is a lovely creative kit that
allows you to make amazing string art portraits of animals
(1 large and 4 small) by following the step-by-step instruction booklet.

Janod Seasons Dream-Catcher on the theme of the 4 seasons will be perfect for decorating a room.  Assemble it by following step-by-step the instruction booklet and customize it with stickers and glitter.
This creative kit allows you to create beautiful colorful pictures on the theme of dinosaurs. To do so, simply stick the different mosaics and rhinestones on each card.

Children or those with special needs will practice and improve their number formation skills as they run their fingers over the numbers featured on these tactile sandpaper cards. The clear visual indicators help in establishing the relationship between the physical shape of the number and the writing movement that forms the shape - a highly recommended educational tool! 

Learn Well Sandpaper Cards - Uppercase Letters

Mud Kitchen Activity Cards


The cards will encourage children to get imaginative in their mud kitchen. Each card includes photographic images on one side with activity prompts, vocabulary and extension ideas on the back. Several of the cards feature recipes with ingredients and non-standard measures, while others have simple written instructions Children will be inspired to get mixing, blending, baking and creating!  

We also have new items!

Tender Leaf Toys Fire Engine


Lovely Wooden Fire Engine with brave Firefighters from Tender Leaf. The Fire Engine has an unrolling hose and a natural wood extending arm to take the 4 firemen up to fight fires or rescue a kitten! Illustrated on all sides and evocative of children's book illustrations, this set is perfect for making up stories and language development as well as fine motor skills.

Tender Leaf How Many Acorns 


Great way to teach your toddler to count to 10 with this gorgeous squirrel and acorn counting game.  10 wooden, numbered acorns and a fun baseboard to match the colours and corresponding dots

Tender Leaf Friendship Boat

All aboard the Friendship Boat! A great gift for any toddler, this set is made from sustainable rubber wood and is painted in soft colours. The set of animals feature, and elephant, giraffe, anteater, whale, fox, penguin, bear and a little boy and girl each carrying a small mouse and bird. Pull them along in their cute white boat with natural wood wheels.  

Visit Little Whispers for more educational learning materials and toys that put great value to your money.  Also, don't miss to take and share photos with our toys during playtime or study time by tagging us.  Stay safe indoors Little Whisperers :) 

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