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Little Whispers love Lalaboom!

Here's why Little Whispers love Lalaboom! These toys let your child grow and discover new skills step by step! Make playtime worthwhile with toys that fit their age. A guaranteed good investment and 100% mom approved!

Janod Lalaboom Splash Ball and Beads - Little Whispers

Great New Bath toy from Janod and Lalaboom. A multifunctional fun bath toy with Lalaboom beads for storing, pouring, building and having fun in water. A suction system allows the basket to be fixed for better stability and easy storage.

  • Contents: 13 pcs (The Beads Lace, Stack, Twist, Pop and Mix)
  • Age: 12-36+ Months

Janod Lalaboom Rainbow Arches - Little Whispers

Janod Lalaboom Rainbow Arches

Janod Lalaboom Rainbow Arches and Beads (13pcs). Colourful and textured arches to join Lalaboom educational beads to create various constructions. By playing and manipulating the arches children will develop new skills essential to development, but whilst having lots of fun.

  • Contents: 5 Arches & 4 beads (The Beads Lace, Stack, Twist, Pop & Mix)
  • Age: 10-+36 Months

 Janod Lalaboom Bath Caterpillar - Little Whispers

Janod Lalaboom Bath Caterpillar

Fun New Bath toy from Janod and Lalaboom.  A cute Caterpillar and Beads, great fun in the bath.  Twist, pop and Mix the beads to make up your own Caterpillar

  • Contents: 8 pcs (The Beads Lace, Stack, Twist, Pop and Mix)
  • Age: 6-36+ Months
               Janod Lalaboom Snap Beads - Little Whispers      
                                    Janod Lalaboom Snap Beads                           

     Janod Lalaboom Bag of Beads and accessories (28pcs). Discover the educational Lalaboom beads, evolutionary game for children from 10-36 months +  Great for developing Motor Skills.  The beads grow with your little ones development as they learn to stack, twist, pop and even lace the beads.

    • Contents: 8 pcs (The Beads Lace, Stack, Twist, Pop and Mix)
    • Age: 10-36+ Months


    Watch this video to find out more about Lalaboom and visit Little Whispers for more toys :)  


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