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Christmas at Little Whispers

Are you feeling the magic of the season already? The lights, cold breeze, carols, treats, gifts and more gifts...the list goes on. And although we know that this year, for most of us, has been a challenge, may the spirit of the season bring joy and love to each of us and may we spread more love and happiness to others! There is no better way to share that happiness than giving presents to your loved ones. Time to bring out the Santa in you! Here are some gift ideas we thought you might like :)
Schleich - Little Whispers
Find pretty horses and beautiful mermaids in our Schleich collection! We have so many new items in stock. Prices start at £4.95!


Grapat offers high-quality handcrafted wooden toys that are perfect for those tiny and big hands and curious minds. Prices start at £8.70.

Janod Wooden Toys

Janod produces amazing traditional toys and games from wood and cardboard, which are perfect learning resources for kids! They can be perfect gift items too! Prices start at £8.99.
Plan Toys - Little Whispers
Perfect for imaginative play, these toys from Plan Toys are made from natural rubber wood trees. They come in all sorts of forms and characters, plus all colorful too! 
Prices start at £5.95.
Check out some new additions to our forever lovable range - Tonies!
We at Little Whispers wishes everyone a meaningful and joyful Christmas! Visit us for more wonderful gift ideas and tag us in your photos. Stay safe and healthy :) 

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