RSPB Birdwatch 2024 - Little Whispers

RSPB Birdwatch 2024


Don't miss this year's most awaited Birdwatching event!

Learn more about it and know how to take part by simply watching this video.

Enjoy some of these great finds that go perfectly with the occasion!

Lanka Kade Birds Set (14) with 2 FREE!

Chunky British Birds, ideal for stacking, sorting, story sacks and more!  We have the cheeky Magpie, the regal Seagull, cute Chick and Blue Tit and the lovely Blackbird. And now we have more New Birds, the Green Woodpecker....  Buy 14 and get 2 FREE! Lanka Kade Birds - super chunky size at 25mm thick(Seagull, Magpie, Blue-tit, Chick, Robin and Blackbird) (Wren, Pigeon, Kingfisher, Sparrow, Orange Chaffinch, Green Woodpecker, Yellow Goldfinch, Brown Quail) made from eco friendly wood.

Birds to Spot Story Sack with Lanka Kade Birds

 We have put together this great Bird Spotting Story Sack.  The Book helps readers identify 60 birds, from woodpeckers and nightingales to moorhens and skylarks. The pages are organised by location, showing birds you might find in towns, gardens, woodland and water. There's also a spotting chart and stickers to add so you can keep track of birds you've spotted.

Haba Terra Kids Binoculars with Bag

For the little explorer or bird watcher in your family. Lovely set of Binoculars from Haba Terra Kids that come in their own case, handy to carry around on all your trips. Material: plastic case, neoprene shoulder bag with snap fasteners and aluminium snap link.


Huckleberry Binoculars, Carrying Case and Bird Watching Book

Whether your child is going camping, hiking or just exploring in their own garden. Show them the joys of birdwatching! With a magnification of 8X, and a field of view of 1000yds (3000ft, 914m), with angular field of view of 7 degrees.

Great Spotting Books
We have a selection of Spotting Books, Birds, Bugs, Farm Animals...  This one includes the Den Kit Small Bird Pizza Kits.  Make the birds their very own pizza with this kit and see them flock to your garden, great interactive fun!

A to Z ending words for kids

There are also interactive tools like LUCA that take personalised learning to a new level by crafting custom stories that align with those interests and helping them to read and pronounce the words correctly. You can explore A to Z ending words for kids, which reinforces the connection between letters and their sounds and introduces children to a variety of words associated with each letter.

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