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Coach House Pre-Writing Tracing Board

Coach House

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The Coach House Pre-writing tracing boards (2 Boards) have been designed to teach your children the first lines that they will need to be able to create before they start to form letters. Your child can either trace the lines with their finger or use the wooden tracing stick which is provided with the boards. This is a great tactile way for your children to practice the types of lines which make up the letters of the alphabet.

Coach House have shown in their images a variety of activities which you could use with your child when using the pre-writing boards. The Grapat balls would be perfect for fitting into the lines.

The first board focuses on basic lines used in most letters e.g. straight horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines.  On the reverse repeating patterns which will help your child practice those lines. The second board has curved and wavy lines which also help to form letters of the alphabet and on the reverse are the next stage shapes that will help them in forming letters.

* Price is for BOTH boards, they are not sold separately


Pre-writing boards - 30cm long and 14.5cm wide. Made from solid beech wood and hand sanded, smooth to touch.

The Coach House boards are made from solid beech wood which has been planed to be completely smooth. This means that your child can handle their board without any worry of getting splinters from the wood. The boards are then coated in a natural beeswax oil to help protect the wood.