Dr Zigs Giant Bubble Science Kit

1.2 kg

Dr Zigs eco giant bubble science kit is a fantastic kit for the budding scientists in your life. Full of extraordinary projects and ideas and bursting with learning opportunities whilst guaranteeing endless hours of fun.

Suitable for children of all ages, adults included!


3x 10X Concentrate - Makes 3 litres bubble mix
1 Junior Wand ( 40cm)
1 Mini Multi Wand (40cm)
1 Hand Wand  for making easy bubble shapes (heart shaped bubbles anyone?) 
1 Bubble Foamer for bubbly art and foamy fun
1 Pack Bio-degradable straws for bubble keepy-uppy and blowing games.
1 Pack pipe cleaners for making shape-able mini wands.
1 Instruction leaflet
1 Science project book plan with resources, tips, experiments and ideas to make extraordinary bubbles.

Dr Zigs multi-award-winning kits and mixtures are all entirely UK made and unlike cheap imports their wands use no plastic – they’re made from sustainably sourced wood with 100% untreated, unbleached cotton ropes – no plasticized string for Dr Zigs. We’re much more eco-friendly than other makes as our non-toxic bubble mix is fully biodegradable, is guaranteed PALM OIL FREE and contains no phosphates so it’s better for the environment, for orangutans and for children!