Patachou Children's Clothes

Do you like Quality Children's Clothes but still like a bargain?  We have reduced all of the Patchou Collection by 20%!

Patachou Children's Designer Clothes, New to Little Whispers.  Patachou offer luxury but accessible clothes for babies and children.  Patachou combine exclusive design and prime raw materials to a chic timeless statement. We all want the best for our children and Patachou offer gorgeous children's clothes for those special days. 

Because Patachou believe in the great dreams of our little ones, they developed the “Spreading Smiles” concept.  This Social Responsibility project is their greatest mission and consists on the donation of a piece of clothing for each buy. With the help of everyone they will make dreams come true: to spread enchanted Patachou smiles in children’s faces all over the world.

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