Revvi - Eco Friendly Electric Balance Bikes

Little Whispers are SO excited to introduce these amazing, eco-friendly, silent, electric balance bikes, from REVVI, a small company based in Surrey.  

Revvi electric balance bikes are great for children who love to get outdoors! They can be used to keep up with parents out on a family bike ride, to blast around in the woods or on a pump track, and are also a fantastic introduction to Motocross.  These super light bikes can be used as a conventional balance bike, using the free wheel setting, to get used to them before watching children improve and progress to the electric setting.  Starting at just 5mph it's fast enough to balance using the foot pegs but slow enough to be safe.  As children progress and build up confidence they can move up to the 'fast' speed setting, of 10mph.  By using a twist throttle it also teaches throttle control for those who aspire to move onto motocross in the future.  The tyres are air filled rubber hybrids, allowing children to ride on various types of terrain and the chain driven motor offers reliability and lasting performance.

Revvi - Eco Friendly Electric Balance Bikes | Little Whispers
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