Rubens Barn Dolls

In 1996 ceramic designer Ewa Jarenskog had been successfully creating popular clay figurines with emotional, childlike and cheeky expressesions, but as they weren’t suitable for children to play with, Ewa and her friend, apparel designer Teruko Wahlström, started their journey together to create Rubens Barn.  Rubens Barn dolls are lovingly handmade by highly skilled seamstresses who have been perfecting their craft over the past 16 years and shaping Rubens Barn Dolls to what they are today.

Creating a Rubens Barn doll takes over 100 different steps by hand. The faces of the dolls are sculptured in soft fabric, allowing a more emotional and realistic look. The eyes are perfectly embroidered and bring the dolls to life.  This, in combination with their warm cheeky smiles, makes a Rubens Barn doll an irresistible friend! Handmade Happiness!

All Rubens Barn dolls can be machine washed at 30°C and tumble dried in low heat. All clothing should be hand washed.

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