Soft Fun Baby Shoes

We have a large selection of really fun, cute soft baby shoes that we hope you will love.  We have Bears and Rabbits from Kaloo, they rattle when baby kicks, will keep your little one amused for hours. We also have christening shoes from Sarah Louise and Fun Baby shoes from 

Doudou et Compagnie.  We also have a selection of Swim Shoes from Jakabel to protect your children at the beach.  Your little one will love to play with their fun little feet.  The baby shoes are super soft to keep their little toes cosy.  Ideal gifts for any occasion, presented in their own box, a gift ready to give.

The Funky Feet shoes are such fun, your little one will love his little bears or dogs to play with.  The baby shoes are soft and comfortable for baby and stay on, how good is that!  I have lost so many shoes in the past, coming home with just 1 on my little one, the Funky Feet Shoes stay on which is great news and saves a lot of tears when your little one loses his/her favorite shoes.

Pick a pair to suit your little one, we know you won't be disappointed.

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Kaloo Baby Bear Rattle Booties - Little Whispers
Kaloo Baby Bear Rattle Booties
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Soft Baby Shoes Blue Sausage Dog - Little Whispers
Soft Baby Shoes Blue Sausage Dog
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Kaloo Lilirose Rabbit Booties - Little Whispers
Kaloo Lilirose Rabbit Booties
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Sarah Louise Boys Christening Shoes - Little Whispers
Sarah Louise Boys Christening Shoes
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