Grapat Nins Carla 16-139 - Little Whispers

Grapat Nins Carla 16-139


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This huge set of nins, rings and coins comes in all the colours of the rainbow.  Children will absolutely love this set and the endless open ended play opportunities it creates.  Stack, sort, learn colours, counting, take the nins on an adventure or even play hide and seek by putting them inside the rings.  

Grapat Nins Carla comes in the signature Grapat 'enjoy playing' Box and contains 12 Nins, 72 rings and 36 coins in the colours of the rainbow, it also Includes a cloth bag to keep all your nins safe and tidy.  Recommended age +12 months. 

Grapat is a small family business, put together to create stunning waldorf inspired open ended play toys.  Each toy is carefully handcrafted and made to the highest of standards to suit both little and big hands.  Giving endless open ended play opportunities Grapat will keep all ages of children entertained for hours and provide limitless opportunities to engage their imagination.

Made sustainably and painted in non-toxic water based dyes.  All Grapat toys comply with European toy safety regulations so you can rest assured that these are chew safe!  Using such dyes also allows the stunning nature of the wood to show through, which is why we really appreciate the beauty of Grapat.