Block Science Foundation Sets - Various Set Options

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Block Science, as a pioneering extension of the unit blocks system, adds a informative introduction to physics and essential cognitive development to traditional classroom block play. The Foundation Sets are designed to exercise early engineering concepts, collaboration, and the study of matter, motion and mathematics. Plastic building and roadway clips stabilize builds, drawbridges and loops to allow taller, sturdier and more mobile tracks and builds. An additional attraction, wooden cars with soft plastic wheels easily glide across the solid wood tracks while carrying algebraic people designed for mathematical and dramatic play activities

  • Block Science Foundation Set B contains 92 pieces: 12 roadway curves, 4 roadway units, 4 roadway ramps, 4 roadway double unit, 2 exit/entrance ramps, 1 roadway switcher A, 1 roadway switcher B, 1 roadway intersection, 2 cars, 8 wheel clips, 4 rope hitches, 14 block clips, 3 hinge clips, 26 roadway clips, 2 adults and 4 children.
  • Block Science Foundation Set C contains 155 pieces total: 16 roadway curves, 8 roadway units, 8 roadway ramps, 8 roadway double unit, 2 roadway quad units, 6 exit/entrance ramps, 2 roadway switcher A, 2 roadway switcher B, 1 4 way intersection, 4 cars, 12 wheel clips, 6 hinge clips, 20 block clips, 6 rope hitches, 46 roadway clips, 3 adults and 5 children
  • Each Foundation Set includes Concept Cards for building examples and language associations
  • Ideal for ages 3 and above

Download Activity Guide: Here

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