National Trust Butterfly House Kit

0.5 kg

Betty’s Butterfly Bistro is an educational insect habitat that attracts butterflies to the garden for learning, study, or simply for the benefits of plant pollination.

A children’s project book all about Butterflies is included to encourage learning. The habitat can be used as both a nectar feeder to draw butterflies into the garden and an over-wintering habitat. The central removable cassette offers a hibernation/refuge space.

During summer Betty’s Butterfly Bistro should be fitted with the sponge to encourage butterflies to come and feed at the Butterfly Bistro. Wildlife World Butterfly Food or sugar mix can be used to feed the butterflies from the sponge as well as the feeding cups.

In winter the over-wintering cassette should be fitted instead of the sponge to provide a cosy retreat for non-migratory butterflies.

Betty’s Butterfly Bistro is supplied in a gift box with its own project book and magnifying glass to encourage enjoyable learning. It makes an ideal present for children.

Four different beneficial insect habitats in the minibugs set to collect.

  • Bobby’s Bug Box
  • Bertie’s Bee House
  • Betty’s Butterfly Bistro
  • Lucy’s Ladybird House

Not suitable for children under 3 due to small parts.

For more information on UK Butterflies please click – BUTTERFLY FACTS

To help the conservation of these species please support the butterfly conservation trust – BUTTERFLY CONSERVATION WEBSITE