Coach House Number Counting Boards

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Coach House Wooden Counting Boards, made from solid Beech Wood.  The Boards are an ideal resource for teaching your child about numbers and place value.  Each number block has a traceable number with corresponding counting holes. They have also been designed so that each block increases in size as the number value increases. The number holes have been adjusted accordingly so it is easy to identify odd and even numbers.

The opportunities for learning with the Coach House counting boards are endless! They will help children to develop their number recognition and formation skills, 1-1 counting skills and then progress on to number operations - addition and subtraction.


  • The stand is 31cm long and 9cm wide
  • The smallest number block - number 1 is 10 cm tall and 7cm wide and the tallest block - number 10 is 23cm tall and 7cm wide.
  • It is made out of solid beech wood and sanded smooth with rounded edges.


The Coach House boards are made from solid beech wood which has been planed to be completely smooth. This means that your child can handle their board without any worry of getting splinters from the wood. The boards are then coated in a natural beeswax oil to help protect the wood.