Coach House Shape Tracing Board

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Beech Wood Shape Tracing Board from Coach House.  Great resource to help your child recognise some basic 2D shapes.  Trace the shape with your finger or with the tracing stick which is included.  Coach House have designed their boards to be reversible so you have the most recognisable 2D shapes children in the early years should know, then on the reverse are other 2D shapes.

The shapes on the front are a circle, triangle, square and a rectangle. On the reverse is an oval, pentagon, hexagon and a heptagon.

Coach House resources are based on the Montessori self-directed, hands-on approach to learning. Using their shape boards children will be able to feel each shape and its properties and start to use the language to describe them e.g. a square has 4 straight sides, perfect learning resource.

The Coach House boards are made from solid beech wood which has been planed to be completely smooth. This means that your child can handle their board without any worry of getting splinters from the wood. The boards are then coated in a natural beeswax oil to help protect the wood.