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Waytoplay Ringroad Flexible Road Track - Little Whispers

Waytoplay Ringroad Flexible Road Track


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Way to play Ringroad Flexible Road Track contains 12-parts.  Eight curves make a full circle, but we have added two straights, crossing and a roundabout to have more fun and be able to extend your toy road. The Ringroad measures 170cm road length.

Your little ones can let their imagination run wild, making their own tracks anywhere they want.  This 12 piece set provides a basic introduction to waytoplay. You can add and expand your road anytime by purchasing additional sets.

The flexible rubber road is great indoors or outdoors as it can be laid out on almost any surface. This flexible road is also wipe clean.

Features of the waytoplay Ringroad (with 12 pieces):

  • Measures 170cm in length
  • Includes 8 curves, 2 straights, 1 intersection and 1 roundabout
  • Can be used on almost any surface, inside or outside
  • Easy to connect parts
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Great to combine with other toys