Teddo Play Countries, Cities, Borders Card Set

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Teddo Play Countries, Cities and More Card Set.  Educational Cards with endless learning opportunities.  A selection of 40+ popular countries of the world from all continents including transcontinental countries. 

Each country has a designated learning card – the front features its map and the reverse features its flag and practical information around capital cities, currencies, languages spoken, how natives are referred to and more.

  • 40+ popular countries from all continents – Europe, Asia, Africa, N. America, S. America, Australia. Includes Transcontinental countries.
  • Match country flags with country maps
  • Identify countries by their flags & borders
  • Learn capital cities, official languages, currencies & more for each country
  • Bite-sized pieces of information for easy grasping & long-lasting retention of information & knowledge
  • Enjoy family game-time learning geography together
  • Helps children extend their locational knowledge and deepen their spatial awareness of the world’s countries focusing on the maps and borders/shapes of the countries of the world.

Also Included Are:

  • Magnetic shut-close box
  • 40-pg physical Play Guide full of ideas & suggestions
  • Set of 40x Adhesive Magnets to enable children to use their Teddo Play Learning Cards on magnetic surfaces – whiteboards, blackboards or even on the fridge for a more tactile and immersive learning experience.