For the Love of Bees Gift Set

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If you love Bees and Nature this is the gift for you.  The 'For the love of Bees Gift Set' is a perfect gift to get your little ones into the world of Bees.

Bundled to help the conservation of solitary bees and other pollinators, contains;

  • The Bee Barn
  • Natural Nesting Hay
  • A pack of nectar rich Wildflower Seeds
  • Our latest Conservation Guide on Bees
  • Lovingly packed in a Gift Box

Gift set FEATURES the latest design 'Bee Barn'  It’s bamboo bee tubes provide the ideal nesting sites for friendly solitary bees.? Made from sustainably managed, FSC-certified wood and featuring a second-life plastic door.? ?Instructions for use are on the Bee Barn packaging.  Choose a sunny sheltered spot for your Bee Barn.

The Bee Barn also supports other species of pollinators and insects by providing shelter in the other compartments.  Swing the green door to one side in order to add extra material to the lower compartment, this adds extra habitat variety to the Bee Barn.  Use the supplied organic hay or choose twigs, dry leaves or pine cones to provide a comfy bed.

Not just any old seeds ….

These are top quality NATIVE wildflower seeds grown without the use of bee-harming pesticides.? ?Specially selected to grow colourful nectar rich wildflowers that attract and feed bees.

We even think about the paper …

For the low down on different bee species we have included our latest conservation guide on Bees.? Printed, in low gloss format on FSC paper for low environmental impact.

For the love of bees gift set is the perfect gift for your nature loving friends and family. You?ll be helping them create a cosy home for solitary bees in their gardens and outdoor spaces and continue the much-needed conservation of our friendly pollinators!

Just one more thing about the gift box itself …

Have fun colouring in the animal designs.? Re-use as a sturdy storage box and finally recycle it when you are done!