Guidecraft Treasure Tubes - Clear (Individual)

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Individual Guidecraft Treasure Tubes - Clear (Unboxed, no cards) Large, Medium or Small  (can be brought in full set of 8 boxed, with cards) click here

Collect everyday treasures, trinkets, natural materials and sensory objects and use these unique stackable Treasure Tubes as keepsakes! The round, colorful, transparent tubes with removable covers are used to hold and view small objects to observe, display or rattle. Ideal for color and sound exploration and light table activities

  • Clear features transparent windows, perfect for observing or displaying small objects
  • Flat, easy-to-remove top keeps objects secure and creates options for stacking
  • Largest Tube measures: 3″Dia. x 5.75″H. Smallest Tube measures: 3″Dia. x 3.5″H
  • Best for ages 3 and above