Illuminated Minibeast House

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New to Little Whispers, for the little Nature enthusiasts out there. 

The National Trust Illuminated Minibeast Centre, this is great fun for little ones as they can collect their little minibeasts and view them in their little house.

The illuminated minibeast centre is not only great for collecting and studying insects, but it features solar light which glows in the dark and can attract moths.

The Minibeast home has a rope handle, easy to carry, making it perfect to take out and about collecting interesting creatures. It is made of slow-seasoned durable FSC certified timber so will not require any chemical treatments.

On the top of the minibeast centre is the solar lamp, perfect to attract night flying insects and bugs such as moths and night flying beetles. Make sure that the rechargeable battery that powers the solar lamp gets a good charge by leaving the minibeast centre out in bright light during the day, then in the evening open the side windows to allow the insects attracted by the light to enter their little home.

The minibeast centre is part of our children’s range designed to encourage you to find, collect and study minibeasts. When you’ve enjoyed looking at them just open all the windows and release them back into the wild.

  • Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts.