Janod 4 in 1 Cursive Letters Case

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Janod 4 in 1 Cursive Letters Suitcase.  Great, Fun, practical kit to help them learn the script and have fun with the alphabet. Children gradually discover cursive script from nursery school onwards.

There are 4 activities combined in the 1 set: A magnetic board with letter recognition for learning the alphabet; compartments for sorting and storing the letters and accessories; an erasable magnetic whiteboard for learning first words, and a blackboard to practice writing with chalk.

A wide range of accessories are included, such as: 105 magnetic accents and letters, each made of thick cardboard (consonants are shown in blue and vowels in red to better distinguish them) 2 felt pens (blue and red), 1 duster and 2 chalks. The boards have practical anti-slip feet, which help to make sure kids open the case the right way. For children aged 3 and over. Latin alphabet only.

37,3 x 30 x 4,8 cm (14,6 x 11,8 x 1,6")