Lanka Kade Zoo Building Blocks

1.375 kg

For your budding Zoo Keeper, this lovely Zoo from Lanka Kade will give your little one hours of fun.  The Zoo is so colourful and comes with the animals to make up their own zoo world.  This educational fair trade zoo contains a lion, giraffe, elephant and penguin.  

A colourful set of 40 pieces, children can build a safe zoo for the animals. Build a home for the lion, elephant, crocodile, giraffe and penguin; Mr and Mrs Zookeeper are on hand to help! 

Most of the blocks and characters have colourful designs with a natural wood grain edge, whilst others have been fully painted.

This set of Zoo building blocks: 

  • is made up of 40 individual pieces
  • includes a lion, elephant, crocodile, giraffe, penguin, Mr and Mrs Zookeeper figures
  • is made from eco friendly materials
  • is a chunky size - most pieces are 20mm thick

      WARNING! not suitable for children under 10 months, due to size and shape of pieces