Teddo Play - Names of Groups Card Set

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Time to learn about Collective Nouns with the Teddo Educational Cards!

This informative set contains 40 premium ultra-sturdy learning cards teaching children to use the appropriate terms for various groups. Also features images of groups of animals, insects, sea creatures, etc. on the front of each card accompanied by its appropriate term on the back.

  • Children learn to refer to various groups using the appropriate terms
  • With HD images of various groups of animals, birds, insects and sea-life without any text distraction
  • Encourage conversations by talking about what you see in the image, counting the numbers of each, discussing about the various other details you see in the picture and so on
  • Helps children become better and detailed observers while boosting their confidence and conversational abilities
  • Great fun improving language skills, learning to sort & classify and instilling a natural love of learning in children.

Also Included Are:

  • Magnetic shut-close box
  • 40-pg physical Play Guide full of ideas & suggestions
  • Set of 40x Adhesive Magnets to enable children to use their Teddo Play Learning Cards on magnetic surfaces – whiteboards, blackboards or even on the fridge for a more tactile and immersive learning experience.