Nature Nurture Rucksack

1.2 kg

The Nature Nurture Kit is the original eco-friendly kit designed to help children help nature. Packed full of carefully selected and thoughtfully designed eco-friendly items, to create fun, expand knowledge and empower children to find their own path in helping and caring for nature and the Earth.  Custom designed specifically with kids in mind - they won’t want to leave home without it!

  • THE BAG: Custom made with adventurous kids in mind! A lightweight, robust rucksack made from recycled polyester. With individual compartments to organise & protect each item.
  • THE NATURE NURTURE KIDS FACT FILE: Bursting with hand illustrated colourful imagery & interesting facts, together with how to help projects.
  • LITTER PICKER: A lightweight, foldable, easy to use litter picker. Rugged, robust & repairable. Made from 100% recycled plastic from trawl fishing nets.
  • GLOVES: Specially chosen children’s hard-wearing, snug fit gardening gloves with suede palms & finger tips. Thorn resistant, washable with a soft cotton back.
  • RUBBISH BAGS: that completely biodegrade when put in prolonged contact with soil, making them perfect for composting or disposal in landfill. Specially selected to include air-hole perforations for children's safety.
  • SEED BOMB KIT: Everything you need to make your own insect loving seed bombs! A ‘hands-on’ DIY Seed Bomb Kit with organic bee friendly wildflower seeds.
  • BIRD FOOD: Specially selected extra seed Wild Bird Food; low in wheat, high in energy & rich in protein.
  • HEDGEHOG FOOD: Specially selected high fiber hedgehog food with a blend of dried fruit, berries, nuts and crunchy nuggets. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, to keep the hedgehogs happy & healthy!
  • THE BEE KIT: The original emergency bee food kit. Complete with organic cane sugar, measuring syringe, bamboo feeding dish & instructions.