Tonies Audio Character - Night among Wolves Tonie

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Night among Wolves Tonie. A Tonie for the older ones.  The Story is set around,

Justus, Bob and Peter.  They all can't believe their eyes when they find out they have been paid with counterfeit money, but where has the fake money come from? The tracks lead them right across Rocky Beach to Rondini circus, where they stumble on a vital clue. But seven hungry wolves are guarding a dark secret.

Author: Ulf Blanck
Reader: John Dunton-Downer, Denis Lyons, Christian Serritiello, Angus McGruther and others
  • Age recommendation: 6+
  • Audiobook 
  • Running time: approx 78 minutes
  • Reader: Imelda Staunton
  • Author: Julia Donaldson

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