TickiT Acrylic Block Set 72606

1.0 kg

Acrylic Block Set from TickiT. (See Video)

Set of 25 polished translucent acrylic blocks with a plain mirror, work cards and teacher’s notes included. The smooth tactile, colourful blocks are designed to enable children to build patterns and sequences as well as create imaginative pictures:

Regular polygons - help with mathematical language and the understanding of shapes and forms (square, triangle, oblong, circle, ellipse)

Irregular shapes to enable more complex pictures to be made, and to encourage a rich diversity of language such as wave, zigzag, arch, bridge etc

Plain mirror for children to build patterns, and see the effects of reflective symmetry

Coloured & clear blocks so children can see the world in a different hue, overlay them to mix new colour combinations. Use them on a light panel

15 pupil work cards from simple ideas to more complex challenges. There are pictures to copy in 2D or 3D, shape sequences to solve and ideas for reflective symmetry work. 

Teacher’s guide including background information, suggested activities to try, questions to ask the children and extension ideas. 

Set includes 25 blocks, 15 A4 work cards, 1 acrylic plain mirror and a teachers' guide, stored in a robust card box with key guide and foam inserts to protect the blocks.

2016 PPS Silver Award Winner
(Teacher Resources, Equipment & Tools category)

All TickiT® products are tested to stringent industry standards including EN71 classes 1-3, ASTM and CPSIA where necessary.   TickiT have won many awards for their innovative designs and beautifully crafted sensory toys.