TickiT Sensory Bundle

0.95 kg

We have put together a Sensory Bundle of all your favourites. Buy the bundle and get the cheapest item FREE!  The Tickit Sensory products will mesmerise your little ones. The cascades will create a calm focused activity for children, especially those who have difficulty concentrating, they also encourage them to ask questions about what they are seeing, great sensory resources. 

Please Note: (We will try to put in all different colours, so won't always be as image)

  • Tickit Sensory Rainbow Cascade
  • Tickit Sensory Glitter Storm
  • Tickit Sensory Spiral
  • Tickit Sensory Jump Bean
  • Tickit Sensory Timer
  • Tickit Sensory Ooze Tube

All TickiT products are tested to stringent industry standards