TickiT Treasures Taster Set (42pcs)

0.4 kg

We appreciate that people may not be able to afford or want the complete set of 168 pieces.  This set includes 42 pieces.

A basic set of beautiful smooth wooden shapes inspired by nature and discovery. One of each treasure shape in 3 shades of 7 organic colours symbolising emotional characteristics and the senses. There are two colour versions of mushrooms / nelsons and stones / tokens. The treasures will stimulate the imagination, engage logic, discover creative ability, develop coordination and enhance fine motor skills.

Red = strength, energy, love
Orange = creativity, self-awareness, transformation
Yellow = wisdom, learning, happiness
Green = physical healing, nature, caring
Blue = emotional healing, calm, inner peace
Purple = spirituality
Brown = stability, comfort

• Tickit don’t bleach their wood prior to colour application which highlights the varied and fascinating features of the natural material.

Size: approx. 35-40mm. Contents: 1 of each shape & shade. Includes cotton bag.

Age: Suitable from 3 years.