Tonie Dinosaur Educational Story Sack

550 g

Calling all Dinosaur lovers.  We have put together a Dinosaur Educational Story Sack. Learn about Dinosaurs with this colourful Questions and Answers board book.  Listen to the Dinosaur Tonie to learn more.  Play with the Lanka Kade T-Rex and the Tickit 12 Dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Tonie
Are you ready for a roar-some adventure? Get ready to travel back in time for the ultimate prehistoric journey and discover the most amazing creatures to ever walk the Earth! You’ll meet prehistoric creatures as tall as houses and others that are as small as chickens.


  1. Discovering Dinosaurs
  2. Marvellous Meat Eaters
  3. Phenomenal Plant Munchers
  4. Dinosaur Defences
  5. Growing Up Dino
  6. Prehistoric Creatures
  7. A Tour Through Time

TickiT 12 Dinosaur Counters

Tactile counters. Will include at least one of each TickiT dinosaur. 
Lanka Kade Wooden T-Rex Dinosaur

Board Book

Provides simple and friendly answers to questions such as "Why do dinosaurs have

tricky names?", "Could dinosaurs swim?", "How big was the biggest dinosaur?" and lots more. Includes a guide to some of the more difficult to pronounce dinosaur names.

With Usborne Quicklinks to specially selected websites where children can find out more about dinosaurs.

Presented in a Cotton drawstring bag