Tonies National Geographic Educational Bundle (4)

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We have put together a bundle of the New National Geographic Tonies.  They are great educational tonies that we know you little one will love.

National Geographic Penguin Tonie
If you’re 5 years old you are probably about as tall as an emperor penguin, the largest penguin in the world! March this way to find out all there is to know about these flightless birds with this new addition National Geographic Penguin Tonie.

National Geographic Astronaut Tonie
Calling all kids from Planet Earth… Prepare for take-off, it’s time for an out of this world learning adventure! Get ready to blast off into space to explore our solar system and beyond with the new National Geographic Kids Astronaut Tonie.

National Geographic Dinosaur Tonie
Are you ready for a roar-some adventure? Get ready to travel back in time for the ultimate prehistoric journey and discover the most amazing creatures to ever walk the Earth! You’ll meet prehistoric creatures as tall as houses and others that are as small as chickens.

National Geographic Whale Tonie
On your aquatic quest you’ll discover the ocean's largest and most majestic mammals, meeting humpback, blue and beluga whales, while learning all kinds of fascinating facts along the way.