Tree Story Sack with Woodland Tree Set

0.4 kg

Stunning Woodland Tree Story Sack.  The Yellow Door Woodland Tree Set is gorgeous with lovely designs on the trees, perfect to make up a woodland scene. 

Comes with this Beautiful book from Britta Teckentrup.  This peek through book will be a great hit with its colours and animals.  Look through the hole in the book’s cover, an owl invites you inside to meet a majestic tree and all its forest inhabitants during the changing seasons.   The clever peekaboo holes through each page reveals a new set of animals playing and living in the tree.  Squirrels storing nuts in the fall, the lone owl keeping warm during the winter chill—until another year begins. . . .

  • Yellow Door Wooden Tree Set
  • Tree Book by Britta Teckentrup
  • Lanka Kade Owl
  • Lanka Kade Squirrel
Fantastic collection of ten wooden variety of trees and hedges.  With seasonal details and the addition of gorgeous woodland creatures, this set makes a great contribution to any small-world selection.

Heights of the wooden pieces vary from 38–130mm.
  • Contains 10 wooden trees and hedges
  • Size between 38 - 130mm

Presented in a Drawstring Cotton Bag with tag.