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Wobbel 360


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The Wobbel 360 (with or without Felt) is a unique curved disc that opens up a world of play possibilities.  Children can balance, spin, turn it into a planet on a space exhibition, roll balls around it. The possibilities are endless.  Fantastic for gross motor skills, co-operative play and imaginative play alike.  See the board in action: https://youtu.be/bop8fYyE68w

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The Wobbel 360 board is a high strength wooden disc that can be enjoyed by all ages, children and adults alike.  The Wobbel 360 has a soft EKO felt backing made from recycled bottles for added durability and allows it to spin freely on hard surfaces.  Children at first simply balance and experiment with its unstable shape wobbling around and as confidence grows they spin around using their hands or feet to power them.

Note: Felt is an absolute must for solid floors, because it's going to be spun around and protection is required here.     Ecofelt is not recommended on carpets and other soft floors, otherwise it won't turn around.

Technical details.    Designed and made in The Netherlands using only the best natural materials, like European beech wood (FSC), water based paints

  • Size 70cm Diameter 
  • Age From Birth
  • CE certified to 200kg (31.5 stone) so suitable for adults too!