Yoto Peter and the Wolf

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Yoto Peter and the Wolf, part of Naxos Children's Classics series - musical stories captivatingly told by well-known storytellers.
Prokofiev, Sergey - Peter and the Wolf

I. Introduction 02:13
II. The Story Begins 04:31
III. The Cat 01:52
IV. Grandpapa 02:14
V. The Wolf 03:08
VI. And Now, This is How Things Stood 01:43
VII. In The Meantime 04:28
VIII. The Hunters 02:19
IX. The Procession 04:36
Narrated by: Dame Edna Everage
Poulenc, Francis - The Story of Babar, the Little Elephant

I. The Story of Babar 03:09
II. Ride on Mother's Back 02:21
III. Babar Comes to a Town 03:33
IV. Babar's Car 01:43
V. Arthur and Celeste 01:41
VI. The Search for Arthur and Celeste 01:19
VII. Babar Returns to the Forest 02:41
VIII. The Bad Mushroom 01:48
IX. The New King 02:26
X. Babar Speaks to Cornelius 02:00
XI. The Wedding Of Babar 01:20
XII. After the Wedding 01:03
XIII. Night Fell 02:20
Narrated by: Barry Humphries
Britten, Benjamin - The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, Op. 34

Introduction — 01:07
Theme 02:20
Variations A - D [Woodwind Variations] 03:17
Variations E - H [String Variations] 04:04
Variation I [Harp Variation] 00:51
Variation J - L [Brass Variations] 02:19
Variation M [Percussion Variation] 02:09
Fugue 02:47
Narrated by: Dame Edna Everage

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