Zimpli Kids Glitter Slime Play

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Colour: Aqua

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Zimpli Kids Glitter slime play in Aqua.  Eco Friendly Slime Play is biodegradable and is skin safe, drain safe, easy clean and stain free and great fun!

The Slime Play magically transforms water into a colourful slime, add figures for perfect imaginary table-top play.  Slime Plays unique texture is perfect for messy and multi-sensory play

UK MADE MEANS SAFE: Proudly made in the UK to strict European safety standards

MULTI USE: Use just half of the bag to create up to 5 litres of Slime

EASY DRAIN: Just add more water to dilute the Slime into a drainable liquid, then flush down the toilet. Slime Play will not block toilets