Flipetz the 2-1 Soft Toy

We are so excited to have in these gorgeous, cute, cuddly new Flipetz into Little Whispers.  Flipetz are the next revolution in plush toys with a unique 2-in-1 concept of a fruit or vegetable turning into a soft plush animal, how clever.  Transform the world of play and imagination with 7 different cute and cuddly plushies in the Flipetz range!

Gadget the Bunny is an adorable rabbit which hides inside his carrot.  Unzip the Carrot and flip(etz) it inside out to reveal his huge floppy bunny ears!  Cozy up with the full collection below:

Nugget – Pineapple/Chick

Comet – Tomato/Ladybug

Rocket – Lemon/Mouse

Velvet – Aubergine/Elephant

Violet – Strawberry/Owl 

Crocket – Apple/Dog

Gadget – Carrot/Bunny

Flipetz the 2-1 Soft Toy - Little Whispers
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