Yoto Audio Player Bundle (Full size) 3rd Generation Player, Card Case and Starter Pack

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Yoto Bundle - includes the Yoto New 3rd Generation Player, Card Case and Starter Pack. (See Headphones, sold separately) (UK ONLY Sorry)

Watch the Yoto Review to see all the New 3rd Generation assets

Discover the perfect selection of cards to start your Yoto collection. Hear some amazing audio from this carefully curated starter pack

The Starter pack includes:

My First 100 Words - A fun intro to common words in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian with accompanying images.
Crackling Fire - Turn your Yoto player into a crackling fire with evocative sounds! 
Story Shed Podcast - Yoto’s own Jake Harris, a primary school teacher, creates this gem of a podcast which updates regularly.
Robin Hood: A Musical Adventure - A modern take on a childhood classic! Filled to the brim with music and adventure.
Hotel Flamingo - This sunny, funny audio story is an animal-lover’s dream. Imagine the Grand Budapest Hotel run by the cast of a Dick King-Smith novel and you’re halfway there!
Songs from the Playground - The world is a playground, and music is the key. There's endless fun for everyone with these fresh takes on schoolyard classics!   
Make Your Own - Unleash your creativity with a blank Yoto card that can be linked to (almost) anything!