Birds to Spot Story Sack with Lanka Kade Birds

550 g

Get out into Nature and get spotting.  We have put together this great Bird Spotting Story Sack.  The Book helps readers identify 60 birds, from woodpeckers and nightingales to moorhens and skylarks. The pages are organised by location, showing birds you might find in towns, gardens, woodland and water. There's also a spotting chart and stickers to add so you can keep track of birds you've spotted.

You can buy the whole set of Lanka Kade Birds

  • Paperback / soft back 28 pages
  • Lanka Kade Blue Tit
  • Lanka Kade Kingfisher
  • Lanka Kade Grey Sparrow
  • Lanka Kade Orange Chaffinch
  • Lanka Kade Green Woodpecker
  • Lanka Kade Pigeon
  • Lanka Kade Wren
  • Lanka Kade Goldfinch