Gem Cube Mirror Tray - Pk101 73548 (Direct Shipping)

700 g

A beautiful play set with stunning crystal coloured gem cubes presented in a sturdy mirrored wooden tray. The cubes are made from solid acrylic, beautifully finished with smooth edges and come in 10 different colours. The mirrored base of the tray reflects light back through the gems, providing a strikingly bright and colourful space for creative play.

Ideal for learning activities such as colour sorting & mixing, patterns, counting and learning about reflections. For younger children and in child-led play, the cubes can be used to build towers, or to create patterns and pictures.

Supports the following areas of learning:
• Personal Development - collaborative play
• Physical Development - motor skills, construction
• Communication & Language - descriptive language
• Expressive Arts & Design - imaginative play
• Maths - shape & space, sorting, pattern & sequence
• Understanding the World - colourplay


  • Size of tray: 272 x 272 x 30mm.

  • Size of cubes: 25mm.

  • Age: Suitable from 3 years