Story Starter Picture Cubes and Superhero Character Story Sack

950 g

Great Story Sack to get your little ones imaginations going.  Shake the Dice and when it lands on a Character match it with a Super Hero or Person to see what great adventures they can take their characters on, endless possibilities for stories.

Superhero Double Sided Characters

Move aside Marvel™, our completely revised and updated superheroes have landed! This multicultural set of superheroes consists of three families, of which each member can be transformed from their everyday persona to their superhero alter ego. Several of the adults in the set have community helper roles, being heroes in their own right. This wonderful, engaging set of 15 double-sided figures is guaranteed to inspire lots of story talk and language. Each character has a 15mm wide, sturdy flat base making them easy to stand up in a variety of superhero adventures. They are made from natural FSC pine and measure between 47–115mm high.

  • Contains 15 wooden characters (3 super families!)
  • Made from FSC pine
  • Size between 47 - 115mm high
  • Safe for age 18m+

Story Starter Picture Cubes

Get students excited about storytelling with these quiet 4cm foam cubes! Each set includes two character cubes, two setting cubes and two situation cubes. To get a story started have students roll the cubes, then mix and match characters, settings and situations.

Includes Instruction Booklet.