Tonies Audio Character - Care Bears Cheer Bear Tonie

45 g

Give this Care Bear a cheer! Little listeners just need to pop Cheer Bear on top of a Toniebox to join her in Care-a-Lot for a selection of beary brilliant tales.

Cheer Bear’s story selections are taken from the original Care Bears movies and TV series, with tales including ‘Like a Rainbow’, ‘See Yourself Be Yourself’, ‘It's OK to Make Mistakes’, and ‘The Magic of Caring’.

Perfect listening for even the littlest bear cubs, this Tonie features eight stories and plenty of opportunities to practise that Care Bear stare. Because Cheer Bear’s here to make playtime, bedtime and even in-the-car-and-put-your-seatbelt-on-time twice as sweet, and lots more fun.

Good to know:
Tonies only work when paired with a Toniebox

Running time: 64 minutes
Suitable for: 3+

This Tonie teaches:
- Friendship
- Community
- Caring
- Being yourself
- Courage

01 Cheer Bear Intro
02 Like a Rainbow
03 Cheer Interstitial 1
04 Out of the Cheer Zone
05 Cheer Interstitial 2
06 See Yourself Be Yourself
07 Cheer Interstitial 3
08 Three Cheers for Cheer
09 Cheer Interstitial 4
10 It's OK to Make Mistakes
11 Cheer Interstitial 5
12 Nobody's Perfect
13 Cheer Interstitial 6
14 Roller Skating
15 Cheer Interstitial 7
16 The Magic of Caring
17 Cheer Outro

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