Why do we need Bees Story Sack with the Nature Bee Kit

348 g

Why do we need bees Story Sack with the Nature Nurture Bee Kit. Educational Story Sack to find all the answers you need as to why we need Bees. How do they make honey? And who's who in a beehive? Children can find the answers to these questions and many more in this informative lift-the-flap book. With colourful illustrations, simple text and chunky flaps to lift, young children can discover lots of amazing facts about bees and why they need our help.

Video to show you how informative this lovely book is.

Have you seen the Dr Zigs Pollinator Kit (sold separately)

  • Nature Nurture Bee Rescue Kit
  • Board Book 12 Pages
  • Presented in a Drawstring Bag with Tag

The Nature Nurture Kit is the original eco-friendly kit designed to help children help nature. Packed full of carefully selected and thoughtfully designed eco-friendly items, to create fun, expand knowledge and empower children to find their own path in helping and caring for nature and the Earth.  Custom designed specifically with kids in mind - they won’t want to leave home without it!

198 x 223 x 16 (mm)