Yellow Door Sensory Leaf Tiles (6)

700 g

We have put together this set of 6 Leaves so it is more assessable to all.  We appreciate not all customers want the whole set of 12. 

Beautiful wooden Leaf Tiles from Yellow Door.  The Wooden Tiles offer an engaging, tactile way to explore pattern and shape in the natural world. They are perfect for matching games, developing language, creating rubbings, taking imprints, as well as being an appealing resource for treasure baskets.

This set contains 6 tiles of six different leaves, birch, aspen, maple, sweet chestnut and beech. Made from sustainably sourced beech wood. 

  • Set of 6 wooden leaves
  • Tile size 60mm
  • Made from sustainably sourced beech wood
  • Safe for children aged 18 mths +

See Full Set of 12 Leaves

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