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Halloween Fun at Little Whispers

Halloween the time the Witches and Ghosts come out to play.  Most Children love this time of year when they can dress up and scare everyone, or make up scary scenes.  We have put together some of our Halloween treats that we hope your little ones will love.  We have Lanka Kade Ghosts, Skeletons, bats and all things scary.  

See the scary Mythical bundle from Lanka Kade with a Bat, Vampire and lots more...

We have a Monster Dart Game from Janod, great fun at a Halloween Party.  What are your little ones going to go as this Halloween, a Monster, Ghost or Vampire maybe?

We also have some Halloween Flash Cards again great for parties.  

What creepy concoctions will your children conjure up? Get messy with some monster mash, or a bubbling brew, sure to be a hit with your little witches..  Paired up with the Lanka Kade Mythical Creatures.

Halloween is also a time to make up slimy gooy concoctions and what better than a pack of Galaxy Slime play.  Take a look at what other concoctions you can make with the Zimpli Kids range.

 Get your senses going with the Tickit Sensory items.  We have lots of sensory gifts on our website that we are sure you will love and keep you mesmerised for hours.

We also have a selection of Spooky Tonies, great for Halloween Storytime. Take a look at our Halloween page for more spooky ideas.


Happy Spooky Halloween from us all at Little Whispers :)






Tina Phillips
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