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Halloween Fun at Little Whispers | Little Whispers

Halloween Fun at Little Whispers

Halloween the time the Witches and Ghosts come out to play.  Most Children love this time of year when they can dress up and scare everyone, or make up scary scenes.  We have put together some of our Halloween treats that we hope your little ones will love.  We have Lanka Kade Ghosts, Skeletons, bats and all things scary.  

See the scary Mythical bundle from Lanka Kade with a Bat, Vampire and lots more...

We have a Monster Dart Game from Janod, great fun at a Halloween Party.  What are your little ones going to go as this Halloween, a Monster, Ghost or Vampire maybe?

We also have some Halloween Flash Cards again great for parties.  

What creepy concoctions will your children conjure up? Get messy with some monster mash, or a bubbling brew, sure to be a hit with your little witches..  Paired up with the Lanka Kade Mythical Creatures.

Halloween is also a time to make up slimy gooy concoctions and what better than a pack of Galaxy Slime play.  Take a look at what other concoctions you can make with the Zimpli Kids range.

 Get your senses going with the Tickit Sensory items.  We have lots of sensory gifts on our website that we are sure you will love and keep you mesmerised for hours.

We also have a selection of Spooky Tonies, great for Halloween Storytime. Take a look at our Halloween page for more spooky ideas.


Happy Spooky Halloween from us all at Little Whispers :)






Tina Phillips
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Autumn Adventures at Little Whispers! | Little Whispers

Autumn Adventures at Little Whispers!

Who else loves this season?  We certainly do, as it's time for us to give you a little help with Christmas suggestions for your precious little ones!
There's always something unique and special about Autumn, time to explore the outdoors with the beautiful Autumn Colours.   Here are a few ideas for getting out there this Autumn, also some story sacks for the Autumn nights, cuddle up and read your favourite stories. 

Build your own adventures with the lovely Den Kits.  You could also Plant a Tree and watch is grow in the Spring, or build a pizza for the birds, great fun to be had.  See all the outdoor fun that you can have.

Or stay inside and make up your own magical forest with the New
Ocamora Trees, they are stunning. You can also team them up with the Grapat Nins, they love to have fun in the forest.

See all our Story Sacks, which one is your favourite, we would love to know.    Maybe it's the Little Fox, or the Gruffalo with his friends, we have lots to choose from, why not take a look?   Also if you have any suggestions of new ones we have missed, email us at sales@littlewhispers.co.uk with your thoughts.
Zoom image
Bring Autumn into the classroom with the New Hand Made Wooden Educational Toys from Oyuncak House they are stunning and all prepared from linden and walnut wood with organic oils.

Why not have an adventure in the Forest with the Gruffalo and his friends.  Your little ones can make up their own adventures for the Gruffalo, he could meet more friends.

Seekers packs are a great way to get your little ones excited about going outdoors.  See all the additional packs you can get, go seeking!

Keep watching as we show you all our New arrivals over the coming months, hopefully they will give you inspiration for a very Happy Christmas!
Tina Phillips
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Christmas at Little Whispers | Little Whispers

Christmas at Little Whispers

Are you feeling the magic of the season already? The lights, cold breeze, carols, treats, gifts and more gifts...the list goes on. And although we know that this year, for most of us, has been a challenge, may the spirit of the season bring joy and love to each of us and may we spread more love and happiness to others! There is no better way to share that happiness than giving presents to your loved ones. Time to bring out the Santa in you! Here are some gift ideas we thought you might like :)
Schleich - Little Whispers
Find pretty horses and beautiful mermaids in our Schleich collection! We have so many new items in stock. Prices start at £4.95!


Grapat offers high-quality handcrafted wooden toys that are perfect for those tiny and big hands and curious minds. Prices start at £8.70.

Janod Wooden Toys

Janod produces amazing traditional toys and games from wood and cardboard, which are perfect learning resources for kids! They can be perfect gift items too! Prices start at £8.99.
Plan Toys - Little Whispers
Perfect for imaginative play, these toys from Plan Toys are made from natural rubber wood trees. They come in all sorts of forms and characters, plus all colorful too! 
Prices start at £5.95.
Check out some new additions to our forever lovable range - Tonies!
We at Little Whispers wishes everyone a meaningful and joyful Christmas! Visit us for more wonderful gift ideas and tag us in your photos. Stay safe and healthy :) 
Pamela Ann Borres
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Little Whispers love Lalaboom! | Little Whispers

Little Whispers love Lalaboom!

Lalaboom beads let your child grow and discover new skills step by step! A guaranteed good investment and 100% mom approved!
Tina Phillips
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Little Whispers: Be Ready and Gear Up for School! | Little Whispers

Little Whispers: Be Ready and Gear Up for School!

The best items you can find to prepare for school is here at Little Whispers! Conveniently scan through to get the best deals! 
Aperitive Collaborator
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Outdoor Play: The Little Whispers Way! | Little Whispers

Outdoor Play: The Little Whispers Way!

Missing the outdoors already? Don’t worry, we got you covered!  Here at Little Whispers, we offer a range of outdoor toys we know your little ones will love.  Check them out!  Visit Little Whispers now to get great deals :) 
Pamela Ann Borres
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Getting ready for Spring at Little Whispers - Click on Image to View our Blog! | Little Whispers

Getting ready for Spring at Little Whispers - Click on Image to View our Blog!

We are all waiting for that glimpse of Blue Sky and Sun aren't we.  The Daffodils have braved this wet and cold spell, but we are still waiting for all that Outdoor Playtime :)  Well we have started at Little Whispers by getting in some fab new Outdoor Play Toys

We are all passionate about our Children's futures and their Planet aren't we, so what better gift that this Plant a Tree Kit, fun and great for the planet.  We also have build a Pizza for the Birds and great new Den Kits, including the New Woodland Kit endorsed by the National Trust, for all your little adventurers wanting to set up camp outdoors. 

We also have in Scavenger Hunt boards from Seekers, who doesn't like a Scavenger Hunt.  You can use these boards over and over again, they just wipe clean. Your little one will be rewarded with a Gold Star if they collect all the items on their board, great for getting them outdoors and interested in Nature.  We also have ones for Travel, going to the Park, Supermarket and lots more, why not take a look, hours of fun for little money.  This is the New Ben & Holly's Kingdom Starter Board.

Our Sensory Collection is growing daily, we have some lovely Sensory Toys that will give hours of fun.  We have just had in these Auditory Eggs, they look so real and have different sounds when you shake them, great for indoor and outdoor play as is all the Yellow Door early years resources.  We also have lots of TickiT, Janod, Plan Toys and Tender Leaf, sensory toys, we know you will love, take a look, you won't be disappointed.


Easter will be with us before we know it, so we have put together a Little Easter Bunny Story Sack, we have lots more online, but this is so cute for an Easter Gift.  Check out all our Story Sacks at Little Whispers we have the Gruffalo, Dear Zoo, Noisy Farm, Room on the Broom, to name but a few.  We have teamed the books up with the Lanka Kade and Holztiger animals that the books include, great for imaginative play.

But if you prefer your stories read to you, then look no further than the Famous Toniebox with all the colourful, fun Tonies that you can collect, with stories such as Disney Jungle Book, Little Mermaid, Cars and lots more...  You can also get the Creative Tonies that you can record on, this could be you reading a story or their favorite songs.  Also great if you have parents abroad, they can record their own voices on the creative tonie so your little one doesn't forget Nanny or Grandad :)

We hope we have showed you that we care for your Children's Planet, their fun and their Education with our Toys.  We have also followed this with the Baby Clothes and Gifts we offer, offering Organic baby clothes and soft toys suitable from Birth. 

Please come and visit us, we would love to show you all the exciting toys we have, too many to show in one Blog.  Come and see us at Little Whispers


Tina Phillips
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New to Little Whispers | Little Whispers

New to Little Whispers

Lots of New and Exciting Collections Now in at Little Whispers

Corolle Dolls

New in to Little Whispers - Corolle Vanilla Scented Dolls.  The dolls have soft bodies suitable from birth.  We even have a doll that has Chicken Pox so your little one does not have to suffer alone, such a great idea.  We have a lovely Boy Doll and lots more, take a look, we know you will love them as much as we do.

Magic Wood

Have you seen the New Magic Wood Tree Houses, they are stunning, bringing nature into play.  You can add your own Gnome family, Car, Boat and Tow Truck to make a great play experience.  Magic Wood use natural wood and are very aware of saving the forests for our children.

News Flash from Tonies

Tonies are bringing out their first Disney Tonies, arriving August 14th  The Jungle Book & The Lion King

Clothes SALE Up to 70% OFF

Don't forget our Clothes Sale Page, 50% OFF Maxomorra, Emile et Rose, Sarah Louise, Toby Tiger, Patachou, Hatley and lots more...

Sensory Toys

We have greatly increased our range of Sensory Toys due to high demand, we have music toys, light panels, architect blocks and lots more.  

Please come and visit, we have lots more to offer.  We also offer payment plans so you can get all you need for Christmas now and pay over the next 5 months.

Happy Shopping from Little Whispers

Tina Phillips
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Up to 70% OFF our Clothes Collections at Little Whispers | Little Whispers

Up to 70% OFF our Clothes Collections at Little Whispers

We are discontinuing a lot of our Children's Clothes Collections at Little Whispers see our Sale Page for genuine bargains, up to 70% OFF.  We have Sarah Louise Occasion Wear, Christening Gowns, Rompers.  Emile et Rose Classic Baby Clothes.  Lilly and Sid, Darcy Brown, Piccalilly, Hatley, Hublot and Toby Tiger with massive reductions.  Why not think ahead, you won't get bargains like this again.

We also have Patachou Designer Children's Clothes that you will love, wool coats, stunning dresses and boys suits.  Also Organic baby clothes from Baby Mori and Baby Acorn which we will still be stocking.

What's New!

We have lots of New Wooden Toy suppliers onboard, all using sustainable wood which is looking after our children's future and the forests.  Tender Leaf, Grapat, Plan Toys, Ocamora, Lanka Kade, Holztiger and lots more, take a look we know you will find something you love.  We are always looking for New Suppliers so keep watching.  Have you seen the new Cubetto Coding Robot, so clever, your little ones can learn to code before they can even read!

Cubetto :)

Coming Soon!

Magic Wood toys are handmade in Europe using sustainable timbers and natural plant dyes. Their best selling Eco Blocks and Tree Houses are made from reclaimed cherry, apple and elder trees and finished with natural flax oil. Sanded and oiled for playability and long-lasting durability


Use the code SHOPSMALL to get 10% Off your next purchase with us (not to be used on the SALE PAGE)

Happy Shopping from Little Whispers!

Tina Phillips
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New Clothes and Toys in at Little Whispers | Little Whispers

New Clothes and Toys in at Little Whispers

Exciting News - lots of New Arrivals in at Little Whispers.  Wooden Toys from Janod, Lanka Kade, Wobbel, Grapat, Moulin Roty and lots more, take a look, we don't think you will be dissapointed!  Great Christmas Present Ideas, and you can spread the cost with our Payment Plans, Interest Free.  You can also earn loyalty points on all your purchases, great way to save up for Christmas. 

We have the New Starter Wobbel Boards and the New Pro Wobbel Boards, great fun for young and old.

We have some stunning clothes in from Patachou, Girls Wool Coats, Party Dresses and lots more.  Raincoats from Hatley, really fun colour changing coats with Dinosaurs, Ponies and Unicorns themes, making rain fun! 

We have a large range of Organic Baby Clothes and Baby Gifts from Baby Mori, Toby Tiger, Maxomorra, Piccalilly... 

The Moulin Roty collection of toys are adorable.  We have also started selling Story Sacks, they contain all the animals in your little ones favourite books, more added weekly so keep watching!

Nearly forgot our Grapat Nins, they are so adorable and great for imaginative play and for hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills.  We are passionate in our children's development and try to offer sustainable toys, sensory toys, toys your little ones can learn with and have fun!

Lots going on at Little Whispers, we are expanding our lines weekly so please take a look, we are only a small business and we really rely on our loyal customers, we can only expand with your help.  We know you will love what we have to offer.  

Tina Phillips
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Perfect Gifts for the New Baby, all with 20% OFF! | Little Whispers

Perfect Gifts for the New Baby, all with 20% OFF!

Luxury Baby Gift Baskets with 20% OFF, a gift that will get everyone talking.  Also 20% OFF our other Baby Gifts, Steiff Bears, Kaloo Chubby Bears, Comforters and Blankets.

We have a large range of Baby Gifts that we know you will love, they all come in their own unique Gift Box for that extra special gift.  The Kaloo Collection is safe from birth, they are tactile and sensory gifts, perfect for baby's first toy.

GUse Code: LWNEW at checkout to claim your 20% OFF.  Happy Shopping!

Tina Phillips
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Sale Plus at Little Whispers | Little Whispers

Sale Plus at Little Whispers

Do you want an extra 10% OFF our lovely Baby Clothes and Gifts?  We are giving you a code to get a further 10% OFF, if you go onto our Sale Page then that will make a massive 70% OFF, how can you beat that?

Use Code: SALEPLUS at checkout for your massive bargains.  We have Fun Baby Clothes, Special Occasion Wear, Party Dresses, Christening Robes and Rompers, Flower Girl Dresses and lots more!  We also have a large selection of Soft Toys, Comforters, Teddies and Rabbits from Steiff, Kaloo and Janod.  Something for all at Little Whispers.

Happy Shopping :)

Tina Phillips
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