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Little Whispers: Be Ready and Gear Up for School!

The best items you can find to prepare for school is here at Little Whispers! Conveniently scan through to get the best deals! 

Lunch Bags
Best value lunch bags for guaranteed clean and fresh meals!

U-Konserve Sustainable Insulated tumbler is made of stainless steel and can hold up to 236ml of liquid. Available in 3 colours. Now at £12.50!


Aren't these backpacks cute? Available in Panda, Dino, and Sheep designs. Choose your armour now :)

Tender Leaf Furniture

It is essential to create a cozy area for your school kids that is conducive to studying. Here are more brilliant furniture suggestions for you! You're welcome :)

Tender Leaf Toys Forest Table & Chairs. This is great for table-based play, learning, snack time, arts and crafts or even to sit and read a book! Pairs perfectly with the Tender Leaf Toys forest chairs.



Note: Direct Shipping (UK only sorry) allow 4-7 days for delivery. 

Check out more high quality furniture here!


 Here's an Extra Treat!


Janod Body Magnet In 12 Languages

This Body Magnet from Janod is a great way to learn the human body while having fun. Pin the magnets to the board  to learn the different parts of the human body.  Also included are 4 maps with detailed explanations on: the skeleton, the organs, the muscles and the body.


Janod Large Magnetic World Map
What a fabulous learning resource to introduce them to Geography and the World. This Large Magnetic World Map includes 92 pieces and shows the world with its continents and oceans with colour used for each region, helping children find the continents.

Little Whispers wishes a safe and productive school year for everyone! 

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