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Autumn Adventures at Little Whispers!

Who else loves this season?  We certainly do, as it's time for us to give you a little help with Christmas suggestions for your precious little ones!
There's always something unique and special about Autumn, time to explore the outdoors with the beautiful Autumn Colours.   Here are a few ideas for getting out there this Autumn, also some story sacks for the Autumn nights, cuddle up and read your favourite stories. 

Build your own adventures with the lovely Den Kits.  You could also Plant a Tree and watch is grow in the Spring, or build a pizza for the birds, great fun to be had.  See all the outdoor fun that you can have.

Or stay inside and make up your own magical forest with the New
Ocamora Trees, they are stunning. You can also team them up with the Grapat Nins, they love to have fun in the forest.

See all our Story Sacks, which one is your favourite, we would love to know.    Maybe it's the Little Fox, or the Gruffalo with his friends, we have lots to choose from, why not take a look?   Also if you have any suggestions of new ones we have missed, email us at with your thoughts.
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Bring Autumn into the classroom with the New Hand Made Wooden Educational Toys from Oyuncak House they are stunning and all prepared from linden and walnut wood with organic oils.

Why not have an adventure in the Forest with the Gruffalo and his friends.  Your little ones can make up their own adventures for the Gruffalo, he could meet more friends.

Seekers packs are a great way to get your little ones excited about going outdoors.  See all the additional packs you can get, go seeking!

Keep watching as we show you all our New arrivals over the coming months, hopefully they will give you inspiration for a very Happy Christmas!

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