Seekers Magnetic Scavenger Hunt

Magnetic Scavenger Hunt from Seekers.  This is a great concept, gone are the pieces of paper which got wet in the rain.  This really clever magnetic board is perfect for the outdoors.  This scavenger hunt game gets your little ones involved with what is around them, gets them out and exploring.  When they have found all the things on their boards they get a Gold Star, great fun and rewarding.

The lady behind this story is Sarah, a mum, who has always enjoyed walking with her young daughter.  Sarah, being a graphic designer, envisaged a magnetic scavenger hunt board game and discovered that there was nothing like this available on the market. So, after a lot more walking, observing and imagining, she combined her creative flair with a business idea and ‘Seekers’ was born.

Please Note:  You will need the Starter Kit to use the add on kits e.g At the Park, Colours, Supermarket....

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