Hoppstar Children's Cameras

Hoppstar the perfect fun Children's Cameras.  We have Cameras for the beginner and the more experienced photographers.  Instant Print cameras with sticky paper so you can display your photos immediately.  Expert Cameras with Selfie mode and video functions.  What a perfect gift for the budding photographer.

How Hoppstar was born.  When we were looking for a children's camera for our 4-year-old godchild, we noticed that there are no products on the market that simultaneously take good quality pictures, are easy to use, light and not too bulky and are also visually appealing. Hoppstar was born out of exactly this idea: To make digital kids cameras, with whom you can take great photos, are easy to use, are proportioned for children‘s hands and, moreover, have such a great design that you like to take them with you wherever you go.


Hoppstar sees children's cameras not just as a simple toy, but as a companion designed to help children develop their creativity and powers of observation, develop their fine motor skills and connect them with their surroundings, family and friends. Hoppstar wants to give children the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new world, to experience it as a moment and to be able to capture it.

Hoppstar Children's Cameras - Little Whispers
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