Sensory Toys

We have put together a wide range of Sensory Toys which we hope you will like.  We have Sensory Blocks from Janod and Plan Toys. We have Ooze Tubes and Musical Blocks and Water Blocks from TickiT.  We know how important it is for Children with Autism or indeed any special needs to feel, touch, see and hear different objects to stimulate their senses. 

We are continually adding to this collection and any other suggestions are always welcome.

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Gift Card - Little Whispers
Gift Card
TickiT Sensory Jump Bean - Little Whispers
TickiT Sensory Jump Bean
TickiT Sensory Spiral Tube - Little Whispers
TickiT Sensory Spiral Tube
Regular price £8.99
TickiT Sensory Rainbow Cascade - Little Whispers
TickiT Sensory Rainbow Cascade
Regular price £5.75
TickiT Sensory Glitter Storm - Little Whispers
TickiT Sensory Glitter Storm
Regular price £6.99
TickiT Liquid Timer - Little Whispers
TickiT Liquid Timer
Regular price £2.50
Rainbow Organza Play Silks - Little Whispers
Rainbow Organza Play Silks
Regular price £3.99
TickiT Rainbow Glitter Balls - Little Whispers
TickiT Rainbow Glitter Balls
Regular price £3.45