We are delighted to be able to offer the Toniebox at Little Whispers. This smart little box will download a story directly onto the Toniebox.  All you have to do is put your favorite character on top of the box, it automatically recognises what the character is and downloads it to the Toniecloud, so clever.  The story will begin once the LED turns solid green.  You can play it anywhere without a Wi-Fi connection.  There are stories from the Gruffalo, Stickman, Zog and lots more.  Or you can have bedtime stories or lullabies.

This is a perfect toy for parents who work away and miss reading their children a bedtime story.  All you have to do is record a story or song to your Creative Tonie and you can be in the room with your little ones, even when you are away, how clever is that.

You can collect Tonies Characters or Creative Tonies and put them in their own little case, great gifts for grandparents, aunts, uncles to buy :)

Lift the figure off, it stops. Put it back on it starts in the same place without delay. Tilt right fast forward , tilt left rewind, tap right skip forward a chapter/song tap left skip back. Right ear volume up left down 🙂. Battery lasts for ages, It was used daily when we took it on holiday for a week without the charger and lasted ages when we got back. 

Creative Tonies you can add loads of content, you can pull content from YouTube for them, there’s a video on how, it’s super easy. 

See the Tonies Demonstration Video

How to add content to your creative Tonie


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